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Now, high quality colour and condition, thanks to...

Olaplex, the original

Now, at last, high quality hair colour and condition

OLAPLEX®, 'The Original', has changed the world of hair colour and condition

Hair lightening, colouring and heat-styling damage our hair.

When the bonds within the hair are damaged, this affects the strength and condition of your hair.

OLAPLEX®, is different and patented. It was the vision of Dean Christal; Dean asked the right questions. Formulated by award-winning medical scientists Craig Hawker PhD and Eric Pressly PhD. The trio created OLAPLEX®, 'The Original'. It works at the molecular level - it helps to repair the damanged hair bonds from the inside. OLAPLEX® helps to repair broken disulphide bonds by linking them back together.

Hair cosmetic conditioners and masks offer a temporary 'fix' and should be used after an Olaplex® Professional Service and use at home.